About us

We’re on a mission to help you take a step back, relax, be happy and healthy!

Our wellness products are made with premium CBD, a natural plant extract derived from industrial hemp plants that’s federally compliant to contain less than 0.3% THC. You can rely on them to provide the relief you’re looking for—without any of the psychoactive effects traditionally associated with cannabis.

We strive to be your approachable, trustworthy source of information on all things CBD—without all of the jargon! Here, you can explore CBD products, learn about their uses, and feel comfortable choosing something that will help you.

Our family of products

Explore our range of safe, natural CBD wellness products designed to help you find relief and revitalization. Every product is USDA Certified Organic, GMP Certified, and manufactured in the USA.

Meet our team

Jenn Rush – Owner/President

As the founder of Just Breathe, Jenn has always been passionate about helping people. After suffering from anxiety and insomnia for many years, coupled with a high-pressure job in sales, she was seeking a natural solution that would give her relief.

This search led her to CBD. After seeing for herself the positive benefits of this alternative natural remedy, it quickly became Jenn’s dream to share what she’d learned with others.

She knew the first step in her journey was to go through rigorous training with the CBD Industry Association to become a Certified CBD Consultant. Jenn’s background in business and psychology coupled with her training inspired her to create Just Breathe CBD, to help people live a healthier and happier lifestyle without using pharmaceuticals.

Ryan Thompson – CFO

With a drive to help people, Ryan realized very quickly the health benefits of CBD! He could see firsthand what this all-natural solution was doing to provide relief to those he cared about most, and how the advantages were changing their lives for the better.  

With CBD being a very new and unfamiliar industry, Ryan was excited to spread the word and help people understand the benefits in his community! With success in other companies, he was eager to change lives, and provide jobs, in an industry that he could proudly stand behind. Ryan helped to create a team that is passionate about spreading the word, and together they’re focused heavily on educating others.

Allie Wong – Creative Marketing Director

Allie proudly leads Just Breathe’s creative marketing endeavors, with a degree in business and design and 8 years of experience with photography and digital design. Over the years, Allie has helped successfully kick-start the social media and marketing efforts of a handful of local companies. 

Allie eats healthy and exercises daily because she believes that what you put in your body fuels your mind. After finding that CBD aligned with her mind-body mantra, Allie was excited by the opportunity to work with Just Breathe CBD and proudly spread the word of its many benefits to the community.

Chelsea Restrepo – Public Relations Director

As a mother of three boys, Chelsea learned the power of CBD when she discovered it could help with not only her anxiety, but her insomnia and postpartum depression as well. Now everyone in her household—including the dog!—uses CBD to keep on top of their hectic lifestyles.

Chelsea has been amazed by the benefits that CBD has brought her, and that’s why she’s passionate about helping Just Breathe connect with people around the world to spread the word of what CBD can do to help them.

Breathe Deeper, Live Better.

Explore the benefits of our safe, natural CBD wellness products now.