Born to be Balanced

Understanding our Bodies’ Built-In Cannabis-Fueled System for Maintaining Healthy and Happy Humans

By: Skylar Rush

Did you know that you were born with naturally occurring receptors that are geared toward harnessing the healing powers of cannabis? It’s called the endocannabinoid system, and research now shows that its compounds play a vital role in regulating many of the most basic functions of the human body from the brain, organs, and connective tissues, to the strength and effectiveness of our immune cells. Our endocannabinoid system performs different tasks in each tissue, but it aims to reach the same goal no matter where it functions—homeostasis. In other words, we all have receptors built into our bodies that fit the compounds in cannabis and work to maintain a stable internal environment despite any fluctuations in the external environment. 

Due to the federal government’s consistent “crop blocking” of this wonderful botanical, the American people have been corralled into a system of responsive medical treatments built around pharmaceutical drugs (I have symptom X, so I need to treat it with pill Y and Z). In an article published by The Epoch Times entitled, “Exploring the Body’s Self Healing Super Power,” Conan Milner points out a major flaw in this mindset for treating illness. “Pharmaceuticals” Milner notes, “essentially force the body to respond a particular way, rather than enhance its own capacity for healing.” Now, in some cases the body needs a push in the right direction to overcome serious illness. But do the negative side effects of the drug outweigh the intended benefits?

According to author, CEO, and founder of, Sayer Ji, the majority of drugs approved by the FDA list death as a possible consequence. Given this information, it’s not suprising that around 50 percent of FDA pharmaceuticals are pulled abruptly from the market before their patent expires due to the factual causation of disability. Yikes… 

Let me give you a perfect example. In 2005, big pharma behemoth, Aventis submitted an anti-obesity drug called Rimonabant to the FDA for clinical trials. The drug worked by blocking cannabinoids from reaching their receptors in the brain to inhibit appetite. Patients signed up for an intended thirty-three-month clinical study of Rimonabant’s effectiveness. 13 short months and four suicides later, the study was abandoned. Period.

 “[Our] endogenous marijuana system,” as reported by Psychology Today, “is normally involved…in controlling our mood and allowing us to experience pleasure,” and blocking the natural cannabinoid reactions in the brain has potentially disastrous consequences. 

Good news: the solution to tons of ailments and medical conditions occurs naturally in our brain, grows all over the world, and now sits at our fingertips as a simple daily supplement. 

Side effects? Anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and anti-spasmodic properties; suppression of pain, nausea, anxiety, and insomnia; and is shown to aid in the prevention of harmful bacteria, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. 

Your body speaks for itself. That inner voice resonates most clearly when your body is highly functional, and your moods are evenly contented. It’s about time we took control of our own wellbeing; and a major key to that solution lies within a system already present throughout our bodies, ready to be unlocked!