“I’m really optimistic about the future, because we have solutions in nature that we can now amplify and be able to deploy.”

-Paul Stamets

Fun fact: an abundant solution to many of the aches, pains, and stresses that characterize our daily lives has been at our fingertips for thousands of years! If you’ve found your way to our site, then you probably know this already, or maybe you’d just like to learn more. So, let’s just get into the three main variations of CBD and how each works uniquely to improve your sense of wellbeing and optimize your health!


  • CBD Isolate: Products with CBD isolate contain only CBD, without any other substances or additives. Isolate products are perfect if your needs include targeted symptoms or pains, or if you need to stay THC free due to required drug tests. Also, if you are sensitive to other cannabinoids or don’t like the occasionally anxiety-inducing effects of THC, CBD isolate is great for counteracting these effects. 
  • Broad Spectrum CBD: We call this our happy medium between isolate and full spectrum products. Just like isolate, broad spectrum contains zero THC; it does however contain many other beneficial components of the hemp plant (CBD, CBG, CBN, and terpenes to name a few). The benefit here lies in capturing what’s known as the “Entourage Effect,” which utilizes all of the compounds in cannabis to enhance effectiveness of their medicinal uses. In other words, the various components of the cannabis plant work together to employ more therapeutic effects when combined then when they are taken alone.
  • Full Spectrum CBD: Full spectrum—also referred to as whole plant CBD—utilizes all bioavailable compounds in the cannabis plant to provide maximum therapeutic relief for TONS of conditions and symptoms. In addition to the curative essential oils and compounds included in broad spectrum, THC is present in full spectrum at trace amounts up to 0.3%; levels low enough to generate minimal, if not unnoticeable psychoactive effects. Full spectrum products maximize the “Entourage Effect” and are the most effective in treating issues with sleep and stress.